Looking For Fundraising Ideas?

Noble Valley is a fundraising / partner to all kinds of groups from boy scouts to schools, to athletic teams. We understand fundraising and have streamlined programs with two goals: make the process as easy as possible with the least amount of time spent and maximize the overall profit for your group. To accomplish these goals Noble Valley program/process offers the following.
State if the Art user friendly website which was completely updated in 2016.
Website order placement with edit capability right up to receipt of product.

  •  No phone tag, fax machines, or delay of US Mail)
  • Sales and Administration Tools
  • Free Professionally printed sales brochures
  • Velvet Outdoor Bow on all appropriate products

Distribution center open for a period of six weeks providing flexible product delivery as well as add on sales after receipt of order. Not one date and gone.
Most diverse product line in the industry offering Balsam as well as Noble Fir products and specialty items. Noble Fir can be used for decoration both outside as well as inside as it stays fresh for 7 weeks indoors. Offering both options has increased our groups sales by over 20% overall. More sales ..more profits.

Just-in-time inventory management system to minimize time from manufacture to your customers door.

Mail order program ( Direct Ship) providing an additional opportunity for your customers to send products as a gift growing sales and profits.

No risk Prepayment program that gives you an opportunity to earn an additional 8% off your entire Wreath order.

Full guarantee on all Noble Valley products. Let us know within 7 days and we will replace any product you are not 100% satisfied with.

Getting Started is Easy!